Tagebuch Außengelände

15.09.2021 | The outdoor area continues to grow! This time we are expanding the container city. The containers will be used as a training object themselves. For example, the window can be approached with the drone. But they are also used for observing exercises. Now that two sea containers are stacked on top of each other, the terrain is easy to overlook. This way, drones and ground-based robots are always in view. This again showed how well a project works when all the partners in the network pitch in. The city of Dortmund was involved in the BMBF project "Aufbau des Rettungsrobotik-Zentrum" from the very beginning. In this context, the term "construction" was taken very literally this time. The outdoor area is developing more and more into a training track. We are looking forward to practising the first scenarios here soon.

30.08.2021 | Further construction of the tunnel system. In the future it will be possible to climb the containers. A specific staricase is just about to be built for that.

25.08.2021 | Delivery of the required concrete sewer pipes. One pipe weighs approx. four tons and has a length of 2.5m, the inner diameter is 120cm. The rubber seals are greased. Afterwards, the pipes can simply be joined together.
The sewer shaft weighs twice as much as the pipes, even the excavator was too weak for that. It could not unload the shaft from the height of the truck. Instead, the 12.5t overhead crane was used. Later, the 22t excavator was used to move the shaft.

24.08.2021 | This time, three 20foot overseas containers were moved onto the corresponding foundations. With an empty weight of approx. 2 tons per container, the use of the large Hyundai excavator was essential.

23.08.2021 | The foundation was spread on the drainage and compacted. Special foundations in the form of concrete pavement slabs were laid on the compacted surface. The 22t Hyundai excavator and a small wheel loader were again used for the heavy work.

20.08.2021 | Measuring of the container position and levelling of the terrain. Furthermore, the drainage was laid in order to prevent the spread of weeds.

18.08.2021 | For the construction of the foundation of the planned container city, 5 trucks each delivered 28 tonnes of demolition material. A 700kg vibratory plate is used to compact this material.

17.08.2021 | Delivery of 5 overseas containers (6 feet) to represent a dynamic building structure. From now on, a 22t excavator from Hyundai will be used to move these and other components. 

16.08.2021 | After the clean-up work on the outdoor area was completed, a delivery from the Netherlands arrived today. The container will be used for a variety of purposes in the future. In addition to storage facilities, it may also serve as a training station for robots and drones.

27.04.2021 | The reconstruction and expansion of the Living Lab outdoor area is slowly but surely gaining momentum. The recently arrived wheel loader is now being used to start implementing the plans for the outdoor test site.