The Association

The non-profit association "Deutsches Rettungsrobotik-Zentrum e.V." (DRZ e.V.) was founded in 2018 by the joint project partners and pursues the purpose of promoting the development of robot systems to support the rescue and protection of people and property. The focus is on research and development in the field of rescue robotics, vocational training in this field, rescue from life-threatening situations, fire protection, occupational safety, civil protection and accident prevention. The association also promotes the networking of emergency services, users, companies and research institutions active in these fields and is open to them for membership.

DRZ e.V. is the supporting organisation for the competence centre that is currently being established. A laboratory with an adjoining test site is being set up for this, where scientists, companies and users can initially jointly research the best possible solutions for assistive rescue robots within the framework of the joint project and test them in realistic test environments. In addition, test and inspection criteria will be developed to ensure later standardisation and certification of different robot systems.