DRZ Newsletter Archive

The "German Rescue Robotics Centre e.V." (DRZ e.V.) pursues the purpose of promoting the development of robotic systems to assist in the rescue and protection of people and property.  In order to document these advances and achievements, Publications by our research members are regularly issued and a summary newsletter is published.

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The second newsletter focuses on the DRZ Living Lab. This issue reports on how the construction was planned and subsequently implemented. In a short interview, the managing director of the DRZ, Roboter Grafe, answers three questions about the use of the Living Lab. Not only the premises of the DRZ are growing, the number of employees has also increased in the past. With the announcement of the new DRZ Training Centre, a glimpse into the robotic future is given. There is also a report on the digital opening of the Living Lab and much more.

The first newsletter of the DRZ: It is the start of what we hope will be a successful series of informative and thought-provoking newsletters. In this first issue, we look at how the DRZ came into being. Did you know that a Windows update contributed to its foundation? This newsletter also explains the division between the association and the project, and reports on the third association meeting. Furthermore, this issue also reports on the change of location.