Workshop: Data from the drone - 24.06.2021

Data from the drone

Transmission | Evaluation | Operational Tactics

Unmanned aircraft systems (drones) are becoming increasingly important for authorities and organisations with security tasks. For fire brigades, rescue services, police and disaster control, drone missions are now part of daily business. Used preventively or after the occurrence of emergencies and accidents, as well as in the event of disasters, the systems help to optimise operations. The spectrum of technology used ranges from the consumer drone to the highly specialised BOS drone with measurement sensors, thermal imaging, spectral or high-resolution zoom camera. Depending on the equipment of the UAS, the quality and the amount of information provided by the drones is very divergent. However, all systems have one thing in common: they provide data to facilitate mission coordination.

What is the state of the art?

How can data be transmitted and evaluated?

What influence does the data have on operational tactics?

We will answer these and your questions about the impact of data on operational tactics in this workshop together with our partners EUROCOMMAND and the Werl Fire Brigade.

Data from the drone - transmission | evaluation | operational tactics

Part 1 - Werl Fire Brigade


All facts at a glance
Your speakers:

Karsten Korte

City Fire Chief - Head of the Werl Fire Brigade

Karsten Korte is head of the Werl Fire Brigade. The Werl fire brigade has been involved in the use of drones since 2009. The team around Karsten Korte now consists of 14 trained and highly qualified drone pilots with a great deal of operational experience.

In his presentation, Karsten Korte reports on his own missions as well as missions within the scope of administrative assistance and explains what added value the use of the drone has brought for the decision-makers and the processing of the mission. In his report, Karsten Korte presents spectacular pictures and videos of operations with the drone.

Philipp Michel

Head of Education and Training EUROCOMMAND

Philipp Michel is Head of Training and Education at the EUROCOMMAND GmbH. As a trained paramedic and RD, he has been gaining experience as a control centre dispatcher for 19 years and is a practical instructor at the control centre. Since 1993, he has been involved in voluntary work with the volunteer fire brigade, the German Red Cross and the THW and is a member of the ELW group at the Cloppenburg fire brigade. Philipp Michel passes on his know-how as a district instructor and multiplier in the district fire brigade association of the Cloppenburg district. He is responsible for the basic and advanced training of control centre dispatchers at the Oldenburger Land AöR control centre and the HVB staff of the Cloppenburg district. Philipp was able to gain extensive operational experience in staff work, among other things, in the course of numerous operations. Of particular note are the Elbe floods in 2013, Gorleben (Lüchow-Danneberg district) and the Goldenstedt bog fire in 2019, Vechta district.

In his presentation, Philipp Michel reports on the state of the art with regard to the use of electronic command and control systems in the command vehicle and sheds light on the topics of situation maps, force management, organisation of the room as well as the operations diary and shows the benefits of command and control software in connection with the use of drones.