Living Lab

The Living Lab of the German Rescue Robotics Centre is unique in Europe. The good infrastructure and the equipment with state-of-the-art communication and measurement technology make the DRZ Living Lab the ideal test environment for a wide variety of robots.

The Living Lab consists of a 1,300m² test hall. Connected to this, the 3,500m² outdoor area offers a variety of possibilities for testing the rescue robots.

The technical and material equipment of the DRZ and its Living Lab is under constant development.

We invite you to a flight through the Living Lab:

More interesting facts about the DRZ and its equipment:

The Living Lab logbook records the latest happenings around the experimental hall. 

The DRZ has developed many different robots in cooperation with its various partners and members. The profiles provide an overview of these versatile robots.

The 'RobLW' command vehicle is unique in its design. Its exact equipment features have been recorded in a fact sheet.